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MAW is a rowdy string band made up of Kansas women who like to play and sing songs about murder, mules, mining, and morphine. MAW took the stage for the first time in late 2006 and has playing shows around the Midwest ever since.  Our sets combine traditional and original songs sung and played around a condenser mic.

Our first CD, Advice for the Young and Foolish, was released in 2009 to enthusiastic reviews locally as well as on Bluegrass Unlimited and in the Old Time Herald.  Our second CD, Pit of Desire, was released in 2012, and our third CD, Bought the Farm, was released in the fall of 2015. Our music has been played on radio stations around the U.S. and in Europe. After a pandemic break, we're back together. Check our Facebook page for upcoming shows or to book!

MAW is

Kit Cole, fiddle, vocals;

Katie Conrad, mandolin, assorted stringed instruments, vocals;

Tracy Floreani, guitar, tenor guitar, vocals;

Julie Schwarting, upright bass, vocals;

Jeanie Wells, clawhammer banjo, guitar, vocals.

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