CD: MAW, Bought the Farm (Bluegill 007)


MAW Pit of Desire CD cover


CD:  MAW, Pit of Desire (Bluegill 006)


Advice CD cover


CD: MAW, Advice for the Young and Foolish (Bluegill 005) 







Cooler.  Call it a cooler, a coozie, or a thingie for the beer.  It’ll keep your beverage cool. Red with Camp Stabby logo, or lime green with black Jenny mule logo. Printing on both sides; foldable. $1.  You heard us.  $1.

Stickers.  Free, so do they count as merchandise? If you order a CD or T-shirt from us, we’ll send one along. Jenny mule image at far left, black on white, actual size 2.25″ X 4″.

MAW Jenny Mule logoTattoos.  Oh, yeah.  You know you want a MAW tattoo. Kit’s mom has a real one. But in the meantime, ask us and we’ll give you a free MAW temporary tat.  Black and white, jenny mule logo.  Be the coolest kid on the block.

T-shirts. We have a couple, but the newest one (below) is an American Apparel baseball T made by Pride of Gumbo, the shirt shop of Split Lip Rayfield’s own Jeff Eaton. $15


  • Q: HOW do I get my MAW merch?? I WANT IT ALL NOW!

A:  Oh so many ways!

  • *First, you can order our merch through PayPal by sending money to CDs are $12 each ($10+ $2 domestic shipping), adult tshirts are $14 ($12+ $2 domestic shipping–send size); can/bottle coolers, $2 ($1`+ $1 shipping); you’ll get a sticker and/or a temporary tattoo with every order. And please be patient and gentle: we are people with day jobs and will ship as soon as we can. Gentle prods via email are totally appropriate, however.
  • *You can get all of our merch–and more, more, more stickers and tattoos–at our shows, or from the band directly if you can wave us down in the grocery store…I mean, on stage at Bonnaroo.
  • *If you are lucky enough to live in the Lawrence, Kansas area, you can purchase our CD through two fantastic local stores, Love Garden Sounds, the best record store in the Midwest (822 Mass), or Beautiful Music violin shop (925 Iowa).
  • *You can also order mp3s and CDs through CDBaby –the preferred choice–as well as iTunes and Amazon (the latter, only our first 2 CDs so far. Takes a while for them to list.)


I am in Cambridge, Ma and would love to buy both your cd’s

can’t believe they love bluegrass here!


MAW administrator

April 22, 2013 at 9:42 pm

Kati, we’d love to send you some! We had a merch widget, but it no longer works; so just contact us directly at and we’ll be happy to send you some CDs directly. If you know what you want, you can just send the money directly via PayPal.


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